Nano repellent cream leather 100g


RepellX nano repellent cream is premium leather care product based on barrier nano protection. Its prepared from emulsified natural oils included nanoparticles of the clay. Its made without harsh chemicals or ingredients that could harm the leather finish.


RepellX nano repellent cream leather is designed for nano guard and restores leather. Nanoparticles penetrate into the leather and create inside coating recovered, UV protected, softened and improved the strength of the natural and synthetic leather with long lasting effect.

Natural cream backs properties which time and exposure take out of leather. This easy-to-use cream helps restore leather surfaces to a supply, rich luster, and keeps them in rich, like new condition.

The composition is great for use on leather car seats clothing, footwear, accessories and so on.

Lasting effect: 4 – 8 months depending on the external environment

Ingredients: Aqua, dispersed clay Nano-particles, Vegetable oil


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